• ApĂ©ritif | Define Business Identity and Brand

    Apéritif | Define Business Identity and Brand

  • Starter | Refine Food and Drink Menus

    Starter | Refine Food and Drink Menus

  • Main Course | Enhance Online Presence

    Main Course | Enhance Online Presence

  • Dessert | Engage your Team

    Dessert | Engage your Team

  • Coffee and Petit fours | Market your Business

    Coffee and Petit fours | Market your Business

Continued Development

For any business to be successful it needs to continuously evolve, we offer a series on Continued Development opportunities to make sure our clients are at the cutting edge of their industry and market place.


Engage with your team to work towards a single goal, professional training development helps to improve productivity and ensure your teams are all working towards the future of your business.


Streamline your working practices and make sure that your teams have what they need when they need it. Bespoke design for kitchens and front of house, we can help you source and install the latest equipment and technology.


Creating efficient working methods to keep all staff informed with the latest developments in your business, use technology and train your teams to get the best out of each working day.


Work with our team to create a medium and long-term business plan to further your business and measure success. We can advise you and your business/company the best route for sustainable growth.

For more information about any of our Continued Development services please complete the form below.

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1. Complete the form letting us know about your business and how you think we can help.

2. One of our Development Managers will arrange an initial meeting with you at your premises to discuss your business.

3. Our Development team will review the initial evaluation and offer a recommendation review back to you.

4. Based on all parties’ agreement of terms, a schedule of works will be set in motion.

5. Ongoing support is offered if required with short term to long-term contacts. Upon completion PCD will remove all resources and watch your business thrive.